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Window 10 CompatibleSageTea Link has the following main functions: SageTea Link is an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool. It is able to extract data from a wide variety of databases and sources and then mapping it into the patented System and Method. Once this is done, the operator is able to perform transformations on the data, which can include removing and refactoring old legacy data along with operations for cleaning and curating the data. During the transformation phase the extracted data is stored in a temporary database based on the patented System and Method. Once all the transformations are completed, the operator is then able to load the data into target databases. Target databases do not need to be in the patented System and Method format and can again be highly complex. SageTea Link then loads the data into the target databases and has now successfully moved all the data from a complex source into a complex target through a simple transformation. There are a wide variety of ETL tools on the market today. The key difference with SageTea Link is its use of a simple transformation that allows the operator to analyze and handle data that would have been too complex to work with otherwise. developed to leverage the unique properties of its patented system and method for representing complex databases having an arbitrary number of tables with a simple database comprising at least two tables, in which each attribute of each object is represented in a first table and in which each object is represented as a list of attributes in a second table. There is also provided a method for converting a complex database in a simple database. SageTea Link uses this system and method to: Extract source data (regardless of source or target formats) from heterogeneous database schema which usually contain a large number of tables; Transform it into a normalized, highly indexed structure; and rapidly loading it into a target database.

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